Social responsibility

Social responsibility


We work to make a lasting, positive impact on the world in terms of business ethics, our environment and the communities we work and live in. We create opportunities for all by focusing on diversity and equity at The Cloud.

Being there for each other

We are strongest when we are there for each other. That is why our team is always by the side of those who urgently need help. After all, anyone can get into difficulties through no fault of their own. In these and other difficult situations, our colleagues can rely on us. At The Cloud, we help quickly and without unnecessary red tape when help is needed.

Shaping a green future

For us at The Cloud, climate protection is not a mandatory task, but something we do with the deepest conviction. We handle resources with care, use alternative waste concepts and manage our offices in an energy-efficient manner. Where possible, we have switched to green electricity and are currently installing a solar system on the roof at our location in Heinsberg. Here we also have 5,000 square metres that we provide as compensation area. We use video conferencing for meetings to avoid travel. When we travel, we like to travel by train and less and less by plane. As far as possible, we also rely on electric cars or hybrid vehicles in our fleet. From 2024, we plan to operate our fleet 100 per cent electrically.


Green ambassadors

During our green week, all our colleagues regularly have the opportunity to train on the topic of sustainability. In each location, they can also use bicycles free of charge and are optimally connected to public transport. Car sharing on the way to the office and home is also part of our mobility concept.

Climate protection projects

In addition, we support climate protection projects to compensate for our carbon footprint. For example: In 2022, instead of our usual Christmas party, we decided together not to buy Christmas trees, but rather to plant new trees. This is what sustainability means to us in the company.

Rainbow-coloured is the most beautiful colour

Mutual tolerance, appreciation and equal opportunities – this is what we are committed to every day. Regardless of gender, social or ethnic background, age or sexual orientation, we respect each other. Because we believe that innovative, creative and diverse ideas can only emerge if all current and future colleagues feel comfortable in their workplace and are free to develop.


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