WiFi for clinics, retirement homes and nursery facilities

Improve the quality of daily life for patients, residents and visitors and offer possibilities for integrating hybrid devices for staff

The days when permanent wireless internet access was something special are long gone. In the meantime, not only does every second person in Germany expect free WiFi access in public and private institutions, but over 53 per cent use these connections regularly. Of course, this also applies to patients, residents in clinics, retirement homes and nursery facilities. And, of course, to their visitors! Step by step, The Cloud Networks supports the digital transformation in your company. It is important that digitisation means more personal attention – supported by technology, but not replaced by technology. This means that the aim of digitisation is above all to improve the current situation of all parties concerned.

It depends on the overall concept.

The Cloud Networks offers an overall concept from technical planning and support in applying for federal funding to equipment and operation. Our WiFi solutions enable the widespread use of PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The WiFi network can provide the basis for digital documentation in every room.

The right access for everyone.

In addition, the WiFi can be used by employees and, of course, patients, residents or visitors for further professional and personal purposes. Individual networks can be offered from a network for defined user groups. To ensure successful implementation, we work with our customers on an equal footing.

Customer reviews
"In order to position ourselves as a modern social service provider, digitization is indispensable. Both for our residents and for our workforce, added value is achieved through this technological progress."
Quelle: Ingo Bröcker, GeschäOsführer, Blindenwohnstä&e Kniesehaus, Berlin, 07.01.2022

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