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We are a professional implementation partner in the development and operation of our innovative WiFi platform with a top-quality and multifunctional network.

The WiFi network is built on a stable basic network infrastructure, which allows additional services to be integrated into the network in the future. If possible, the access points are supplied directly via DSL or integrated into the network via mesh. During installation, our technicians check the internet transfer points (DSL line) as well as the most efficient cabling route to the outdoor or indoor access points.
We use very high-quality technical components – for example, RUCKUS outdoor or indoor access points, PoE switches and antennas.

The Cloud City-WiFi provides the foundation for innovative services for urban life. Please watch the following reference video from Recklinghausen.

Wherever people live the digital lifestyle, The Cloud is active. Our experience ranges from metropolises, to large shopping malls, to urban districts.

We don't just talk about modern City WiFi, but also bring it successfully to life: in Mönchengladbach, Würzburg, Passau, Darmstadt and Stockholm. As part of the WiFi4EU funding, you can find our work for example in the following cities and municipalities with extensive implementation experience from over 100 projects.


Customer reviews
"I am glad that we have found a partner in The Cloud who has provided us with such expert support during the installation," says Mayor Norbert Heuser. "Now we can offer free Wi-Fi to all our citizens and our guests in highly frequented places and important buildings."
Quelle: / Neuenstadt am Kocher, 07.01.2022

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