Optimal WiFi in hotels and campsites – future-proof with WiFi 6

In a hotel or on a campsite, unstable, slow or non-existent WiFi is still one of the most common reasons for bad reviews online. Fast and reliable WiFi is a basic feature for holidaymakers and business travellers. 

And it doesn't matter whether your target group is business guests or holidaymakers.
More and more hotels are trying to make individual offers for guests easily and uncomplicatedly bookable via their own apps or online platforms and to generate additional revenue automatically. The sale of add-ons is becoming increasingly important and is often desired by the target groups.


How we work

We are a capable provider of turnkey network solutions for hotels and campsites.

We have the necessary experience and expertise and are happy to support you in developing the best possible solution for your operation. For this reason, our collaboration begins with a technical survey on-site, where we conduct a site analysis and plan the necessary lighting. This needs-based analysis then forms the basis for the individual planning of a network. The insights gained from this can be found in our offer. It takes into account the services you require, enables the expansion to future services, is based on your technical conditions and the building infrastructure, your IT requirements and your budget.

As an additional service, we offer all our customers attractive financing options for our entire product range. The Cloud is your partner if you want to raise the standard of your hotel or campsite.


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