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School WLAN

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The Cloud offers many good factual and economic reasons for cooperation, especially in times of the uncertain DigitalPakt 2.0.

As part of the DigitalPakt, The Cloud has successfully equipped hundreds of schools with school WiFi. The big question at the moment in all federal states is: What comes next? From June 2024, the federal states will have no further funding available to continue the DigitalPakt. With the current status quo, the digital structure built up in the schools by then will run into difficulties. If the DigitalPakt 2.0 announced in the coalition agreement does not come from the federal government, the states remain responsible. This will certainly apply in 2024, as the federal government has already announced that there will be no DigitalPakt 2.0 in 2024.


We remain at your side

We also support third-party systems that must remain live according to the DigitalPakt 1.0.

They include:

  • A needs analysis and implementation recommendation in the schools on how ongoing operation can be guaranteed after the end of the DigitalPakt 1.0.
  • The Cloud supports new learning methods and technologies as a partner for school WiFi.
  • The Cloud not only installs the technology, but also takes care of the maintenance. This also applies to third-party systems.
  • The Cloud offers teachers information forums in the digital media for further training.

You will find our solutions in the following cities and towns, for example.


Customer reviews
We have created the greatest possible added value for the future of our schools with the resources available to us. The focus was clearly on networking in the buildings and on the grounds. We are very satisfied with the result achieved, especially since we even stayed below the promised funding amount," explains Mayor Mike Weiland, who is happy for the students and teachers.
Quelle: Article from the BEN Courier, 19.10.2021

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