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Waldburg-Zeil Clinics

In cooperation with The Cloud, the Waldburg-Zeil Clinics are setting new standards for visitor and patient WiFi.

The German healthcare system is currently experiencing the transformation of digitisation. In the past, patients watched TV in hospital and made phone calls via the hospital phone. Nowadays, WiFi is also used in hospitals and care facilities as a basis for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime or Sky Go. Calls are made via Skype or services such as WhatsApp. The Waldburg-Zeil Clinics are using this changed behaviour to increase the satisfaction of patients and their guests with tailor-made digital offers.

"This is a service that is really well received. The patients consciously choose their respective clinic. They search the internet for treatment methods and additional services and then select the clinic with the best service," explains Ellio Schneider, Managing Director of the Waldburg-Zeil Clinics.

Our flexible pricing models precisely reflect individual requirements. This applies both to the establishment of digital infrastructure and the integration of other services.

This is very good for our customers, as can increasingly be seen on many review portals.

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