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The Betty-Reis-Gesamtschule is a European school in Wassenberg. Thanks to the cooperation with The Cloud, a free WiFi network was set up in Wassenberg city centre two and a half years ago – a first digital cornerstone for the transformation into a "Smart City". The Betty-Reis European school benefits from the further expansion of the city's cooperation with The Cloud. In just one week, employees of The Cloud provided the school with a viable WiFi network of 35 access points for the 1,300 students and 110 teachers. As a "smart school", outstanding conditions are available here to shape the future of teaching. Please watch the following video here.


The students are also enthusiastic about the improved possibilities. Their spokesperson Nick K. can report that the now "completely reliable" network and the possibilities of research and free internet access at any time are already being put to good use. His classmate Lisa S. adds: "We upper school students find it much easier to work now, especially during free periods."

School director Dr Karin Hilgers explains that all existing and proven rules for the use of the internet, including with personal smartphones, will be maintained. Pupils at the school are not allowed to use their devices privately during breaks, but only "during lessons if the teachers allow it".


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