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The city Limburg and the CityRing Limburg advertising association have launched the exciting "Limburg Wireless" project together with us, The Cloud Networks.
This initiative allows the citizens of Limburg and visitors to the city to access free Internet through twelve AccessPoints. The selection of locations focused on high-traffic public places such as the Cathedral Square in the Old Town, and the Town Hall. The wireless network in Limburg is being gradually expanded, and it's something special: here, the various stakeholders, from city administration to representatives from the gastronomy sector, trade and the hotel industry, have worked together from the outset, and made the conscious decision to choose us, The Cloud Networks, as the sole WiFi provider. As a result, there are many advantages, for example, there is a contact person for the implementation, and this helps with complex installations, such as with ??Limburg's old town. There, the requirements for the protection of historical monuments were resolved easily and to everyone's satisfaction, such that further access points are already at the planning stage. The single-provider wireless product offers maximum user-friendliness, as users only need to log in once and can seamlessly use the Internet at different locations. This speaks for itself: Since the start, the growth rate of user numbers has been in double digits.
CityRings Limburg CEO, Reinhard Vohl, is thrilled with this success story: "CityRing Limburg, a local advertising association with more than 200 members from the trade, service and manufacturing sectors, operates this public WLAN together with the city of Limburg. This is the region's unique selling point and shows that small and medium-sized towns, too, are well advised to open themselves up to this issue. 

"In the modern world public WLAN is an important aspect of image and service for the city and trade. Customers and visitors to a city want to be "online" anytime and anywhere, as they are accustomed to at home environment and, increasingly, in the public space. And ideally seamless, as made possible by the Hotspot network in Limburg.
Sven Rohde, CEO of Hessische Handels GmbH, is very enthusiastic: "Public WLAN is important for the image presented and range of services offered by cities and retailers, giving them a means to present their own content, such as offers, advertising and important information directly to users. We are delighted that CityRing Limburg, in cooperation with the city of Limburg and our cooperation partner The Cloud, has created a free, professional solution for all residents, guests, tourists and customers, one from which everyone can benefit enormously. We would definitely encourage our members to offer free WLAN in shops and public areas."

City WiFi by The Cloud Networks offers compelling advantages 

Rely on maximum legal and investment security 

The Cloud Networks also offers you optimal preventive measures against misuse (illegal downloads, data espionage etc.) through legal security and indemnification against any liability risk, as hotspots are operated by The Cloud, which provides information to state security bodies in the event of legal violations. This does not affect you as our partner. In addition, we provide you with failure protection through the use of Carrier Class hardware and highly professional network operation. 

The Cloud City WiFi at a glance: 

  • improvement of the city centre through new online experience zones
  • enhanced image of an innovative modern city
  • improved digital mobility for residents and guests of the city
  • enhanced quality of life for residents and guests of the city
  • increased attractiveness to tourists
  • financial benefit for tourists from abroad, elimination of roaming costs
  • strengthening of the retail market
  • new opportunities, as well as the advantages of an additional 24/7 online marketing and communication channel
  • reduced burden on your own data volume

Choose The Cloud Networks as a strong partner for your WiFi services. The Cloud Networks Germany GmbH exclusively offers WiFi from Germany. We are an independent European market leader in public WiFi and offer individual solutions that we develop and implement for both multinationals and SMEs. Through our servers in Munich we organise more than 70 million reliable, legally secure sessions per month. Currently, the The Cloud Networks Community has increasingly unlimited, seamless Internet access at more than 45,000 WiFi hotspots in more than 30 countries throughout the world.

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